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Pakistani Geo TV Urdu Journalist, Amin Hafeez Falls Off From A Donkey

Pakistani citizens are excited about the thriving business of Donkey breeders. To cover this report, Geo TV Urdu sent their best journalist, Amin Hafeez. Just so you know, this guy is famous among netzines for choosing a particular spot to sign off his videos.

And in this viral video, Geo TV Urdu journalist chooses a donkey. Yes, I’m serious!

But what is interesting about this?

Geo TV Urdu journalist, Amin Hafeez was sent to cover special a piece of Pakistani news discussing the thriving animal trade market of Lahore, Pakistan.

Because of the government’s initiatives and the rising market of animal trade all the donkey breeders can be seen very happy in this clip.

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geo tv urdu journalist

The breeders are able to earn up to Rs. 1000 every day with the help of their donkeys. Not just this, but the government initiatives to provide them with free animal hospitals have made their life quite easy.

You can see everyone is excited about the rise of the animal market, but that’s not what made all the Netzines love this news coverage. It was the Geo TV Urdu journalist himself.

geo tv urdu journalist

Netizens love him for his signing off-scenes. He surprises everyone, by choosing the most obscure location, that later makes everyone laugh their ass off. Just like all of his videos, in this viral clip, Geo TV Urdu journalist, Amin Hafeez did the same.

He sat over a donkey, to end the news coverage.

As soon as he begins his lines, the animal starts twitching and turning to remove our dear journalist from his back. The donkey almost ended-up throwing off the journalist. Luckily, the cameraman cut’s off the video right before capturing his epic fall.

FYI- The way he speaks is enough to make anyone die laughing, but this epic fall from a donkey’s back, adds the cherry on the cake.

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Watch the clip here:

In Conclusion

According to the Pakistani 2017-18 survey, the number of donkeys in their country has risen up drastically. In 2017 the number was 100,000 and now the number is reaching close to 5.3 million. This shows that the business is definitely much better than it was a couple of years ago.

But keeping everything else aside, the internet is more concerned about the Geo TV Urdu journalist. And why not.

After all, he is the funniest TV reporters of Pakistan, isn’t he?

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