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Viral Video: MLA’s Son Pulling Out Gun On A Couple, Is This Behavior Acceptable?

God knows when the same old history will stop repeating itself.

The ugly game of power and display of status, devising a political relation has been in practice since ages in India. After every now and then a new case of someone from a political party, does something outrageous and easily gets away with it.

Sometimes it’s a leader, sometimes a worker and sometimes it is a mere distant relative of a powerful person, who slyly gets away, without being punished for any crime that he committed.

A similar case happened recently. And with this, Delhi witnessed an utter lame display of power, by a Lucknow politician’s son.

What happened?

So, this all took place outside ‘Hyatt Regency Hotel’ during wee hours of Sunday morning. A couple was partying in the same hotel and the guy, apparently, was waiting for the girl as she went inside the women washroom. That’s when the culprit, Ashish Pandey along with three female companions, came along in the same direction and started abusing the guy, out of the blue.

Even though the guy was intimidated, he did not respond and waited for her friend to come out. Once she came out, they went away in a different direction leaving Ashsish with his three female companions.

But it didn’t end there.

While the couple was exiting the hotel,  it seemed that Ashish and his three female friends were waiting for them to come out.

Viral Gun Incident Hyatt

And then the whole drama began.

Ashish started showing off the gun while abusing the guy once again. He even pointed the gun at him and said, ” I will kill you“.

Viral Gun Incident Hyatt

Meanwhile, one of his female companions was also seen abusing the couple and then moving towards the BMW car.

Viral Gun Incident Hyatt

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The video was shot by one of three who Ashish came with, in a BMW car, in which they drove off after the typical dramatic display of, ‘Janta hai main kaun hu’!

Viral Gun Incident Hyatt

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The couple in question was shocked and petrified with the whole ordeal. They even inquired the staff and asked them how did they allow such a thing to happen in their premises, but obviously couldn’t get an answer. Also, the hotel staff was in shock too.

The viral video of shameful display of power

Thankfully, the video was uploaded on social media platforms. And as expected, people are getting shocked with the way Ashish Pandey was reacting. There is not even a drop of remorse or fear in his actions. He just seems too proud to flaunt his gun. And so does the other girls, who were with him. They all were laughing and enjoying the whole incident as if it’s a day to day thing for them.

Who is the culprit?

The person in question is Ashish Pandey, who is the son of a former BSP Member – Rakesh Pandey and the brother of a sitting UP MLA. But, does that grant him the power to wave his gun? And that too just because he is drunk and pissed at someone for no reason?

Actions taken against him so far

The RK Puram police received a complaint from the assistant security manager of the Hyatt Regency Hotel and have registered a case under the Arms Act. The investigation is ongoing but it raises a prominent question of, ‘What the hell is going on’?

If this continues, where are we heading in terms of security? Can we even feel safe at public places with these maniacs roaming around with their guns?

In Conclusion:

I am sure that even this culprit with political tie-ups will remain unharmed, unquestioned and won’t be receiving any punishment for what he did. It scares me because even me and my friends often visit these places for wine and dine.

And what’s more horrifying is that there are thousands of such ‘Ashish Pandey’s in India. Thanks to the millions of MLA’s and political parties which do nothing apart from misusing their name and power.

Watch the video here:

Do you agree?

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