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Viral Video: Policeman Thrashed With Shoes By Lawyers

Usually, it’s the other way round.

I mean, there have been thousands of instances where the policemen are caught on camera, while they are busy thrashing criminals. But what happened in UP’s Sitapur district, is the exact opposite.

What happened in Sitapur?

A group of angry lawyers thrashed a policeman on duty, in the presence of the district police chief. Like seriously. They were reportedly outraged because the police force had vacated a property in the area earlier.

The lawyers apparently, barged into the chambers of district judge Rajendra Prasad to assault the sub-inspector and thrashed him with slippers.

According to the Sitapur Superintendent of Police Prabhakar Chaudhary, ‘the protests from the lawyers erupted after a building in Sitapur was sealed by the district administration.’

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What was the reason that Police officers sealed the property?

The police officials had found several cartons of unaccounted liquor, in a club which was located inside the said building. Adhering to the same thing, they immediately sealed shut the property, which the lawyers didn’t like for sure.

So far, two lawyers, who own the club jointly, have been detained and right now are in the local police station for questioning. A separate case has been registered against 12 lawyers for beating a police officer.

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Watch the video here:

In Conclusion:

According to the police, the property was built on an encroached piece of land which was occupied by some advocates. They supposedly used it for their various illegal activities, including drinking liquor. When the officers came to know about it, they raided the place and did their job.

And when the police force took strict action against the establishment, that’s how the policemen were treated in return.

I wonder what the lawyers would have done if the police officials had demolished the property!  
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