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Viral Video : Mumbai Man Jumps From One Terrace To Another

Nowadays everyone is picking up some new hobby that is not the typical singing or dancing like we used to when we were kids.

It all about stunts and dangerous hobbies today. Like climbing the tallest building and getting a selfie clicked while hanging off a balcony or jumping across buildings.

Well, this Mumbai man had interest in the latter stunt. Or maybe he is a fan of those Hollywood movies where the cops chase the criminal and he jumps across buildings to save his life with style. There is no doubt that he must have practiced ‘Parkour’ a lot of times before he did what went on to become viral on social media platforms.

What does the video show?

The viral video shows the man taking a run up from one end of the terrace.

Mumbai Man terrace stunt

Then he leaps towards the next building just like they show in the movies.

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Mumbai Man terrace stunt

He lands on the boundary of the next building and rolls down on the terrace where he even slips.

Mumbai Man terrace stunt

But overall, he manages to pull off the stunt without getting into trouble.

Just so you know, the buildings weren’t close at all. And from the video, it looked like the buildings were pretty tall too, at least 15- 20 stories high. It even had a reasonable amount of gap between them and if the guy hadn’t pulled off the stunt accurately, he would have pretty much died.

Thank god, he didn’t slip while he was landing on the edge.

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Watch the full video here:

In Conclusion:

Even though parkour is an amazing sport and it might come handy if you get stuck in adverse situations, but you should always try these kinds of stunts in a safe place. The terrace of a very tall building is definitely not the right place for someone who is not an expert in parkour.

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So, if any of you folks is going to try such stunt, use a safer location. Maybe a playground or a field. 

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