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Viral Video Showing Side Effects Of Watching Anime

Do you know there are side effects of watching anime?

We all have that one friend, who loves anime and manga more than anything else in the world. When you were busy watching Mirzapur series, they were lost in the fantasy world of “Sword-Art-Online”.

But, have you noticed any weird thing about them? Well, if not then this viral video will let you know you know, what anime will do to your innocent friend.

side effects of watching anime

A Twitter user, AlainaHatsune, picked TikTok as the medium to post her video than soon went viral over twitter. Hatsune revealed what changes may occur in an anime fan. Recording herself from day one of watching anime, until the final week, where you see it all.

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What are those side effects?

At the start, on her day one of watching anime, she recorded her voice which sounds pretty normal. But as the weeks pass-by you can see the change in her voice. At first, it was not a big change, it’s just that her voice becomes little high pitch. But soon, it all becomes clear.

On the last day, everything changes. She kind of transforms into the wild anime character from the “Jo Jo’s Bizzare adventures” series.

side effects of watching anime

She has folded her body in shapes which look like, they shouldn’t be folded that way. Also, she is delivering a dialogue in complete Japenese anime accent and ending the video with an evil laugh.

Watching this compilation video reveals every stage your friend goes through, during their journey of watching anime.

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Watch the video:

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In Conclusion:

Now, I hope you know the side effects of watching anime.

If you have a friend, who watches too many anime’s or knows someone who does the same, it’s a humble request, save them from this contagious infection. Save them…Anata Jishin O Sukuuu..!! I mean save yourselves. (lol)

Help them to get their control, so that both of you don’t get lost completely in the world of anime fiction.

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