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Viral Video: Jewelry Shop Staff Scared Off Robbers With Their Swords

Imagine you are an employee of a jewelry shop, you love your job and everything is going fine. But one day, robbers try to break-in, what will you do? What comes first to your mind?

Call police, save your life and run or just peacefully hand over everything to the robbers and hope they will not hurt you. Is that what you are thinking? Well, not if you are brave enough to take matters in your hand and face the robbers.

Captured in a CCTV footage of Jewelry shop in Mississauga, Canada, employees picked-up the swords to scare-off the robbers and save their livelihood. That’s not something you have expected, right?

Neither do robbers, that’s why when the robbers try to get into the shop and saw three employees standing in front of them swinging their sword like a mad person, they must be astonished. Though, after getting threatened for their life robbers decided to back-off, as robbing this shop might cost them their lives.

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What has happened?

Going viral on the twitter, video shows a failed attempt of robbery in Ashok jeweler’s shop in Mississauga, Canada. Employees picked-up sword to save their shop. Luckily no one got hurt, though the robbers seem to be carrying a gun and a hammer.

This fight doesn’t seem equal, robbers were carrying weapon but our employees, they didn’t even know what the fuck is happening.

When robbers tried to break the glass of the outlet from outside, with their hammer, at first in the video, it seemed like the act of breaking-in scared off the staff. As they seem to be running away. But later they just went to the interior of the store to pick up their old and friendly swords.

With swords in their hand, employees charged in and attacked the robbers with intent to scare them off. Robbers tried to get into the store more than once. But at last they realized, they have picked the wrong store and they don’t want to fight some warriors.

If you haven’t watched the video yet watch it here:

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In Conclusion

This is one of the funniest attempts to robbery. As no one gets hurt, this video has become the center topic on twitter and people can’t hold their laughs after watching this video.

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