Viral Video: Woman Blamed On Another Man After Her Scooter Slides

Viral Video: Woman Blamed On Another Man After Her Scooter Slides

The camera saved a rider from an unknown woman after she accused him of the reason for her accident. A video recording by a camera on a rider’s helmet going viral is a short clip of an accident. In this clip, it is clearly shown that a woman sitting behind her own rider falls off without getting hit by someone as their scooter slides. But soon after getting up, she started blaming another man who was driving his own bike behind their scooter. If you watch the video you clearly see that it was not his fault. Fortunately, the body cam of the bike rider saved him and played the role of crucial evidence.

Woman Blamed On Another Man After Her Scooter Slides

Viral Video Shared On Twitter

The video of that accident was shared on Twitter and now has millions of views. It was not clear why the woman blamed the bike rider because he was riding behind her scooter with a gap of atleast 3 to 4 metres. Well, the body cam footage saved the man from being falsely accused of hitting the lady’s scooter.

Watch the video yourself:

After watching the video netizens stressed the importance of having a bodycam in today’s era. “These days front and back dash cam is a must. It’s Useful in Many incidents and cases,” said a user.

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