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Viral Video: All The Train Tomfoolery & Near Death Encounter From Metro Incident

Playing with trains has always been a sport of proving bravery  in India. And I guess, It was started by Siddhu in one of his popular movie ‘Ghulam’.

Aamri khan train scene

Famous 10 10 ki daud.

Who doesn’t remember this iconic scene from the movie. We all used to dream of doing this and proving our-self a hero.

Some even tried and met a horrible fate. 

But millennial, on the other hand, they still believe in ‘train challenges’ but are also addicted to selfies. So they produced, ‘Dangerous selfies’.

dangerous selfie stunt

However, those who are very much connected to the memories of their parents, have combined the old challenge with the new one. I am talking about ‘Train Challenges’ and ‘Dangerous Selfies’.

And they produced this:

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And not just this, there are some people who still believe in ‘old is gold’ and are going to any extent to prove their word.

Yesterday, an innocent guy who did not know that crossing platform could be hazardous to his health, tried to do something that reminded me of the near save Aamir Khan had from that stunt.

This 21 year old fellow who goes by the name Mayur Patel, definitely seem to be from other planet.

Had he been from earth, his parent right from the time he was born, would have started telling him not to cross platforms even if the trains are not in sight.

Maybe he ignored his parents. But couldn’t ignore himself being caught in the act and then officials later. He was challaned for 15 bucks and his pass was also confiscated. The authority must be in a good mood otherwise the real fine is Rs 500/- and 6 months in prison.

One thing I could say, he’d be a little wiser for the rest of his life. And if it was some sort of stunt to go viral, he for sure is not going to try that again.

Since he should be thankful to the driver, who just gave him a gentle warning by letting the train kiss his bums instead of destroying it completely.

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