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Virushka Wedding Anniversary: 8 Things That Modern Couples Can Learn From Virat & Anushka

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are celebrating their third wedding anniversary together today after tying the knot back in 2017 in Tuscany, Italy.

Ever since they have come out as a couple and especially after sharing nuptial vows, they have become an inspiration for modern couples. It, honestly, has been over eight years of them together and even the little we know about them had us believing how perfectly they fit into each other.

In the world of flicks, such relationships are difficult to mushroom and thus we try to understand what Virushka do right that modern couples can learn from to keep the scoreboard running.

1. How to support each other.

Be it Anushka making it to the ground to watch Virat play (despite all the rubbish from people who claim that her presence has India losing the match),

or Kohli promoting Anushka’s movies, the support they provide each other has over the years been phenomenal.

And taking it further was Virat’s recent decision to come back from the Australia tour to support her wife as she gives birth to their first child.

2. Fashion Goals.

From their wedding dress to literally every piece of clothing they own, the two know what to wear, when to wear and how to wear. Of course, it comes easy to them for they are celebrities but one can surely learn from them.

3. Not let what others say affect your relationship.

How many times Anushka has been blamed for Virat’s bad performance at the ground? Or I remember the one time when Anushka lashed out at a man throwing garbage on the road and Kohli supported her while others accused her of showing off.

Whether it was a showoff or not, but even in that situation, Kohli was there to support her. They surely have grown up to ignore what people say for they are celebs, but we too can learn that, right?

4. Very important – grow together.

I personally feel couples these days are worried about not being up to the standards that they think the other person in the relationship wants them to be at.

Like for example, a man in a relationship mostly thinks what if he is not able to meet up to the expectations of the lady; on the financial front? Or we mostly think what if in the future I do not make it to somewhere good financially? What then she would think of me?

Such thinking can disrupt a relationship. You get more worried about satisfying one’s financial need but skip the emotional need they demand.

To all the men out there, let her be the inspiration you need and not the burden you feel. She ain’t a burden.

5. Being each other’s personal photographers.

Here, I need to learn a lot from Virat and Anushka I believe. They literally take the best pictures of each other.

6. How to grow together – professionally.

The 90s have gone. Go and support each other where ever you could, especially in business. She can be the hot secretary you have always wanted. Winky!! Winky!!

7. How to take that perfect couple picture.

From lazy:

To professional:

8. Love each other endlessly.

Everything we have mentioned above is the result of the love Virat and Anushka have for each other. To love is the best thing in life and you don’t have to ask someone if you are in love or not. When you really fall in love with someone, you will feel it in the bones.

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