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19 Images That Prove Putin Is The Baddest Mofukka of All Times

Who do you think is the richest man alive? Bill Gates? Jeff Bezos? Mark Zuckerberg?

Wrong! It might be published that way in the Forbes list, but the reality is different my amigos.

Enters Putin. Full name – “Vladimir Putin”, the Badass President of Russia.

But what has he done to deserve the title of the most Flamboyant scullion?

His lifestyle, combined with his bad-ass attitude and a long(very long) list of wealthy possessions can give you a clear picture why we say so.

And, oh well, the list is long and wide. Just so you know, it comprises of a golden mansion, a golden plane, 20 palaces and extensive villas, 60 aircraft and carries, a priceless collection of art, a 57 meters wide superyacht, more than 650 cars, MI8s. And hey, he also has a golden toilet.

Here are 19 images that prove he is crazier than ‘Admiral General Aladeen’ and way more wealthy too.

1. According to the financial experts, Putin’s wealth is up to a whopping amount of 200 billion dollars.

2. Putin loves the combination of animals and outdoor adventures. He personally owns three dogs- Verni  (a Central Asia shepherd dog), Yume ( Akita breed) and Buffy (a shepherd Karakachan dog). 

3. The Russian biker gang “Night Wolves” are also infamously called “Putin’s ‘Hell’s Angels,’ because they’re so patriotic and the biggest fans of Putin.

4. Even though Putin’s plane looks like a regular plane from the outside, it is equipped with a high-tech system which is capable enough to act as a communication center(Its  enough to command troops in time of an unexpected attack. )

5. He has shot a tiger with a tranquilizer dart, fixed a tracker to a polar bear and his latest adventure consisted of flying in a motorized hang glider with a flock of rare Siberian cranes.

6. One of his favorite activity turns out to be scuba-diving and during one such dive in the Black Sea, he discovered two ancient Greek urns at the bottom.

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ViralBake Telegram
7. During one of his adventurous fishing trips in Siberia, he caught a 46lbs pike fish.

8. This luxurious yacht that Putin owns is huge. It fashions a 15-meter long indoor pool that can be converted to a dance floor.

8. He loves exploring underwater seas. He even went scuba diving shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea.

9. His villas are outrageously luxurious and gold tiles cover many walls of the rooms, which are enormous in size.

9. His new Bulletproof Limo fleet costs $192 million in total.

putin cars

10. His new holiday home has gold-plated tiles in the swimming pool along with a steam sauna, a billiard room, a study and the mansion covers the area of approx 16,150 sq ft.

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11. His mansion spreads across 160,000 square meters overlooking Black Sea.

putin mansion

12. It has been claimed that his mansion consists of swimming pools, private theatres, and even a private casino.

13. He goes for hunting, ice-water swimming, spearfishing and is also a black belt in Judo and an expert in karate.

Now that you know what he possesses, you know he is invincible. He can do anything. The day isn’t far when you’ll see him doing things like:

14. Great white Sharks are deadly.

*Putin- Excuse me! Da phuk you are talking about!

putin rides a shark

15. What do you do when you encounter a mammal that uses 20% of their brains?

You RIDE it!

putin on dolphin

16. Eagles are majestic, they soar high in the sky.

Putin soars one notch higher!

17. The baby bear from ‘The Revenant’ finally rescued.

putin riding bear

18. That’s Putin’s answer to the Kiki challenge bitches!

19. Lion whisperer is a talk of the past. Putin force feeds milk to tigers even when they don’t want to.

That’s all people! Now go back to being disappointed with your puny lives coz no matter what you do, Putin will be way ahead. 

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