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Walnut Helps Prevent Diabetes, Says Study. Add It To Your Diet Today

I love walnuts. The earthy and nutty flavor is something you can’t associate with any other nut.

But did you know that walnuts also prevent diabetes? Apparently, yes. In a study, it was found that walnuts being rich in antioxidants are very helpful in preventing you from the risk of this disease.

Walnut helps prevent diabetes

walnuts prevent diabetes

A study involving 34,000 adults was gathered by researchers. They found that walnuts may nearly cut down the risk of diabetes by half. If you consume approximately 3 tablespoons of walnut daily, there will be 47% less chance that you get Type-2 diabetes.

The study was conducted in the University of California at Los Angeles.

According to the researcher, Lenore Arab,” The strong connection between walnut consumers and lower prevalence of Type-2 diabetes is additional justification for including walnuts in the diet. Other research has shown that walnuts may also be beneficial for cognitive function and heart health.’

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The study that proved walnut prevents diabetes

walnuts prevent diabetes

It combined the data of 34,121 adults who were between the age of 18-85 years. Their diet was noted down along with any kind of medication for diabetes. Also, the people taking part in the study were tested for diabetes in the laboratory.

After the test results, it came out that the ones who had walnuts included in their daily diet had a much lower risk of diabetes than those who didn’t consume walnut at all. It was also found that age, race, body mass index, gender, and physical activity did not matter as long as they had walnuts.

How does walnut help?

walnuts prevent diabetes

As you may know, walnut is an excellent source of polyunsaturated fat. These powerful nuts also contain alpha-linolenic acid along with omega-3 fatty acid. Additionally, it also contains protein and fiber that helps keep your digestion on track.

Rich in copper, manganese, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6, walnuts also balances out the blood sugar levels. This way it promotes healthy gut bacteria. It also fights off the risk of not only diabetes but also prevents heart disease and cancer.

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How to add walnuts in your diet?

walnuts prevent diabetes

As walnuts taste really good, you can pair it up with your favorite ice-cream. You don’t need to make any extra effort as you can eat them handful just like that. Walnut without shells is readily available in the market.

Be rest assured that you will not gain weight with walnuts consumption as it will not add any fat layer to your body. Make it a habit to have walnuts every day as a midday snack if you want to quit junk food.

Eating walnuts will not only prevent diabetes but also satiate your hunger pangs with something much more healthy than fries or burgers. 

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