Want To Speed Up Your Electronic Repairs? Learn About The Right To Repair Portal With This Easy Guide!

The days of having to wait several days for an authorised repair to fix an electrical device that broke down are long gone. To solve this issue and make it more user-friendly, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution launched the Right to Repair portal.

With the use of this online platform, customers can get their computers, appliances, and other products repaired by local businesses without cancelling their warranties. It also provides contacts of authorized third-party repair providers and self-repair guides. Four industries are covered by the portal: automobile equipment, consumer durables, mobile and electronics, and farming equipment.

A variety of services are available through the Right to Repair portal, such as warranty information, replacement parts and product maintenance and repair. Consumers can additionally receive information about product warranties, authorized service providers, and upkeep and repair procedures.

How To Use The Right To Repair Portal

  1. Click here to see the Right to Repair portal website in India. Visitors can quickly recognize the many product categories the portal offers once they are on the portal. These consist of consumer durables, automobile equipment, mobile devices, electronic displays, and data storage components.
  2. On the Right to Repair site, there are two ways to get mobile phone customer service information. The brand names may be selected by clicking on them or by going to the Customer Care button on the top menu bar, selecting Mobiles, and then selecting the brand name.
  3. The Galaxy S23/S23+, Galaxy Z, and Galaxy A are the three models that Samsung currently offers available on the Right to Repair webpage.
  4. Under the Basic Information section, you will discover clickable links for product registration and details if you select the Galaxy A option.

Product Information has a specific section containing customer service contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and operating hours, as well as external links to warranty and terms & conditions information. 

The Service Details section contains information on Repair Manuals, Authorized Service Centers, and Recognized Multi-brand Stores/Centers. Well-known manufacturers of cell phones and accessories, like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and Boat, are on the list; perhaps, more manufacturers will follow suit shortly.

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