Warning: Indian Railways! A Single Error Costs The Railways Almost Rs 100 Crore In Penalties, So Double-Check Everything Right Now

One error by the Indian Railways has resulted in a $100 million fine for the Northern Railway. For this one error, the Railways have collected almost 100 crores in fines. Railways make money by selling tickets and delivering freight. However, the railroads also have a lucrative source of income.

Recovering 100 crores in fines

Travelers without a ticket will be charged this fee. With this information, you can estimate the number of passengers riding the train without a ticket. Over the course of eight months, the Northern Railway collected a fine of more over 100 crores. This recovery was the result of a push by the railways to attract these passengers. The General Manager of the Railways provided the information.

It has been revealed that a ticket-checking campaign was carried out at various railway stations and trains from April 1, 2021 to December 5, 2021, in which a big number of individuals were detected travelling without tickets. Those who did not have a ticket or were travelling illegally were fined at this time. In an interview, Ashutosh Gangal said that ticket-checking fines totaled more than $100 million.

The campaign will continue indefinitely.

A special thank you goes out to all the railway workers who helped make this campaign a success. Railways continue to conduct similar initiatives around the nation. More than 23,000 passengers were fined by the Central Railway for not wearing masks in accordance with the Corona protocol and Rs 26 lakh was collected as a fine.

A lot of folks don’t get their hands on train tickets over the holiday season, so they end up taking the train without one. A fine of Rs 8.01 crore was collected from 1.42 million of these passengers by the Delhi Division of the Indian Railways.

How big of a penalty will You face?

In the event that you’re found by the Railways without a ticket, you’ll be hit with a punishment ranging from at least Rs 250 to Rs 1 thousand. It’s also possible to be imprisoned for unlawful travel in this manner as well. An unticketed passenger who is detected traveling by rail gets billed for their entire journey, beginning and ending at the train’s starting stop.


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