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Avengers 4 Trailer And All The Question That You Need To Ask Yourself

The most awaited trailer of the year is out now, fans of Marvel who were waiting for the Avengers 4 trailer can stream it now.

Since the end of Avengers Infinity-War, fans were speculating about the title of this continuation of Avenger franchise. Avengers – Annihilation was the title decided by the fans, but that’s not the real title of this movie.

With the trailer, Marvel has also revealed the title of Avenger 4, which is now known as “Avengers-End Game.”

Trailer Discussion

Avengers 4 Trailer

The trailer starts with Tony, wandering all alone in the space, trying to find that one solution to bring back everything to the normal. But that seems to be out of his reach, as his spaceship doesn’t have enough power to continue. This means he is going to be rescued by some other hero. Who will it be? We just don’t know yet.

Nebula also seems to on her own exploration (possibly finding Thanos). Back on earth Steve and Natasha (Black Widow) are trying to understand everything that has happened in the infinity war.

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Avengers 4 Trailer
From the trailer, it seems like Captain has got a plan but Marvel didn’t give us any hint. The trailer of “Avengers – Infinity War” also came around the same time last year and it was packed with the action scenes. But this is not the same case with “End Game.”

It is more of an emotional journey that just being an action-packed superhero movie.

Points to pay attention

Did you notice Thor is wearing civilian clothes? I don’t understand why. Other than that Bruce Banner is back but the big guy still has to make his appearance.

Avengers 4 Trailer

But that’s not what I want you to pay attention. Instead, I want to play back the trailer again and skip to the part where we see the new Hawkeye. Who apparently wield a sword now not don’t use his infamous bow and arrow.

If you are wondering, what has to happen to him, what are the reason for his new costume and that sword? Maybe, when Thanos destroyed half of the world, it had erased Hawkeye’s family as well, that includes his dog as well.

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In Conclusion

What will happen next, where is Thanos, What is going to happen to Tony?
Ant-Man also makes his appearance in the last scene, in which he came to the secret hide-out of the Avengers. This shows the theory of the Quantum realm becoming true. But does this means Captain Marvel is not going to be the part of End-Game?

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These are all the question that we are only going to get after watching the movie. The trailer hasn’t revealed a lot, but it gave us enough to get excited to watch the movie in the theatre.

Though you have to wait for that, till then you can watch the Avenger 4 trailer here:

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