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Watch These Badass Aunty’s Dance Like Crazy On Daddy-Mummy Hai Nai Ghar Pe!

In this world, everyone is in an invisible race to make the most entertaining video. Each one tries to be different from the crowd and some succeed. Sometimes it’s a boy. Sometimes a girl. And sometimes its the whole gang who gains popularity.

Following the same viral tradition, yet another entertaining video of a dance performance is gaining popularity. And no, it isn’t the famous uncle, nor it’s related to the KiKi challenge.

It a video of two sexy Bengali aunties throbbing on the popular dance number, ‘ Daddy Mummy Hai Nai Ghar Pe’. Drenched in the bold colors of yellow and red, the swagger in their steps are worth watching. At least once. (wink)

Check out the video and enjoy:

Now that you have seen the video, it’s up to you whether you wanna join them or not!! Peace out!

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