Ways to Celebrate an Eco Friendly Diwali

Diwali is a festival of love, laughter and fun that we Indians are masters of. However, we forget to take care of our environment during our celebration. We end up hurting mother nature in adverse ways possible and burn a hole in our pocket too.

Therefore, I am writing this article to share some ways that will help you celebrate the festival in the most eco-friendly way possible.

1. Handmade Decorations

While decorating your house, you can go for handmade stuff that will save money and nature alike. You can learn from YouTube and use origami to make beautiful art pieces, flowers, and more things to decorate your house.

2. Use Newspapers Gift Wraps

If you are giving away thousands of presents and want to save some money on gift wrapping, then go for newspapers. I can understand if that is something you can not do, but it would be a great step towards the welfare of your pocket and nature.

3. Organic Rangoli Colours or Flower

Organic colours or flowers are a great way to decorate your house with rangoli. You don’t have to use chemical colours to make your house pretty. From my personal experience, I have always found flowers a great way to make a rangoli as they are easier than colours.

4. Diyas to Light Your Home

Although the market is brimming with fairy lights and so many more items, it is always advisable to use diyas to light your home. The most important thing is that they are reusable and you do not have to worry about buying new ones every year and even if you have to, they will be relatively cheap.

5. Eco-friendly Firecrackers

Do you know what eco-friendly firecrackers are? There is no such thing as eco-friendly firecrackers but the only way to go about it is not to burst crackers at all. It is the only way to help our environment.

Also, being a pet parent, I would like to mention that the sound from the firecrackers frightens the dogs and other animals a lot. You can save your environment and be good to the animals by avoiding them.

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Words help me express the unsaid and we have come a long way while walking hand in hand like that so now I write about anything and everything that ignites the spark of inspiration in me.

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