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“We Can See His Bum”, Remark Over Ranveer’s Photos, Anchor Laughs

I don’t need to remind you that Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot is being discussed aggressively and its appropriateness is the latest topic of debate all over the nation. He has attracted massive attention towards him when posed with nothing on his body. His nude photoshoot for the paper magazine has shocked many. There are various mixed reactions we are seeing since his photos are being viral, some are supporting his bold move, many are criticising and trolling him and one NGO has even filed an FIR against him.

We Can See His Bum, Remark Over Ranveer's Photoshoot

“Of course this is vulgar, we can see his (Ranveer Singh’s) bum”

After an FIR was filed by an NGO against Ranveer’s photoshoot, it has become a national topic. Recently in a TV debate, Vedika Chaubey, the woman who filed the complaint, was invited along with a few other panellists to have a debate on this ‘burning’ issue. And when the anchor asked her what is so vulgar about his photoshoot then she replied, “Of course this is vulgar, we can see his (Ranveer Singh’s) bum’, his video is with me he is completely nude in that video.”

Hearing this unique reply anchor couldn’t stop her giggling, and seeing this the Vedika said, “You may laugh madam but this is a national issue.”

Then the complainant further explained, “I have two daughters at home. They have online classes. They have their i-Pads and laptops with them. I was just going through Google News and it (the pictures) was all over.”

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FIR Registered Against Ranveer Singh For Nude Photoshoot

The Mumbai Police registered an FIR against Ranveer Singh for his nude photoshoot for a paper magazine. The FIR reads., “Last week we saw many nude photographs of actor Ranveer Singh on social media and the photographs were clicked in such a manner that any male or female will feel ashamed about it. India is a country that has got great history and traditions, the people in India eat, live and feel as per their culture and traditions. A lot of our acts in the constitution also support the rich culture and tradition, we are away from facing dire situations like suicides, old age home and less fertility ratio which has become a big problem in rich countries like Japan, America and Europe. We always support that there should be freedom of speech and expression but that doesn’t mean that you should roam nude in society. The actors in India are called Nayak and the people of India follow them, in some parts of India the people even worship.”

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