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Web Series And Movies On Pandemic And Endemic That You Can Watch To Understand The Current Situation Well

As coronavirus has kinda held people captive at their home, it’s obvious for them to look out for things to entertain themselves. While quarantine games could be an answer, but hey, it also 2020 (though it’s not like someting we had expected, but still) so one could also consider binge-watching.

With that being said, here are eight web series and movies about pandemic and endemic that will not only educate but also help you understand the present situation better. Have a look:

1. The Walking Dead – Netflix

What better you can choose to get started with if not The Walking Dead? With 10 seasons already out there, the endemic web series can get your through the quarantine period with ease. The series is about the invasion of zombies on earth and lots and lots of headshots blown by a group of people struggling to stay alive.

The Walking Dead

2. Birdbox – Netflix

A mother of two, with blindfolds on, is on a journey to safely take her kids to a place that hasn’t been touched by an ‘unseen presence’ that drives people to commit suicide. That’s how most of the people dies in the movies with only a handful left. A short worth-watch with a striking ending.


3. The Last Man on Earth – Fox

The Last Man on Earth is comical and revolves around a virus that has wiped out the majority of people on the planet with only a few survivors left. And the disagreements about survival that come when they try to work together will allow you a good laugh anytime.

4. Children Of Men

The concept of this 2006 movie lured me to give it a go. When women, sometime in 2027, somehow become infertile, a former activist agrees to help transport a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea. Critics quote the movie as “a violent chase thriller, a fantastical cautionary tale, and a sophisticated human drama about societies struggling to live.”

5. Chernobyl – Netflix

Chernobyl is an amazing web series about the city with the same name in Russia. The real story revolves around one of the world’s most dangerous man-made catastrophe wherein a nuclear power plant, in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, explodes to spew out gases that have the ability to wipe off billions of people. The after-effects of the explosion are felt in Chernobyl even today.


6. 12 Monkeys

Most of the life on Earth may have been wiped off by a deadly virus but the world is also curious about what really caused the virus outbreak? So a convict travels back in time to identify the reasons that led to the mass destruction. Sounds spooky and fun.

 12 Monkeys

7. It Comes At Night

The horror movie is worth watching with your partner beside you. The movies star two families in an apocalyptic world who are forced to isolate together. However, the two families have their own share of secrets that can put either in danger.

It Comes At Night

8. THE 100

When nuclear war rages down the life on earth, the remaining few are forced to flee to space stations. But without human touch from the earth, space station can’t function for long. So a group of young teenage criminals are sent to earth to test how inhabit it is.

What would you want to watch if quarantined?

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