Films And Web Series On Netflix That You Can Watch This Festive Weekend

More than festivals, it is the excitement to head home for festivities that excites me invariably. Although all I am asked to do is clean fans, however, at the end of the day, sitting with them – under cleaned fans -is all that matters.

Moreover, festivities are synonyms to fun and what would be fun without a scoop of web series and shows. With that being said, here are films and web series you can watch with your family this festive season.

1. Eli – Netflix Film 

Eli is a story of a plagued boy with an unknown illness and can get you enough goosebumps. However, when Eli, who has been living completely sealed off from the world, decides to undergo experimental therapy, it beings a series of haunted experiences.

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2. The Laundromat – Netflix Movie 

The Laundromat is a 1 hour 36 min long drama inspired by true events of data leak which later was named Panama Paper Scandal. The movie entails two cunning lawyers in Panama and a widow, Meryl Streep, investigating insurance fraud and chasing leads to the Panama City law firm Mossack Fonseca.

3. Daybreak

Daybreak is about the silly things Josh and his group of misfits Angelica and former bully Wesley do living their best life in post-apocalyptic LA. And yes, Josh throughout the Netflix original tries to find the girl of his dreams. Just telling.

4. Dolemite Is My Name

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One of the most anticipated Netflix Originals of the year, Dolemite Is My Name portrays the life of Rudy Ray Moore, a comedy and rap pioneer. The comic series is a blast from the beginning to the end and likely the best tribute to the legend.

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