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Do You Sleep Longer On Weekends? Stop, It’s Harming Your Waistline Badly!

Everyone waits for the weekend. Mostly, for that precious weekend sleep.

Most of you try and cope up with your sleep on Saturdays and Sundays thinking that you are doing yourself a favor, right? Sadly, you are further ruining your body shape while you are enjoying your weekend sleep.

Why weekend sleep is not OK?

weekend sleep is harmful

According to a new study, weekend sleep might not be good for your health, especially for your waistline. The thing is, no one gets enough sleep during the hectic week. Naturally, when weekends arrive, you want to sleep through it so that you don’t feel sleep deprived in the coming week.

But according to a study, if you sleep through the weekend and keep sleeping poorly the entire week, you will keep eating and end up gaining weight. In simple words, sleeping in on the weekends doesn’t correct your body’s inability to regulate blood sugar.

This implies that if that weekend is followed by a workweek or school week full of insufficient sleep, you are ensuring that you get long term health effects of sleep deprivation. Of course, you waistline gets affected the most.

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Study conducted to evaluate the effects of weekend sleep

weekend sleep is harmful

Three groups were divided and studied according to their sleep patterns. The amount of food they consumed in a matter of 10 days was also noted. The three groups were divided with an equal number of participants. The first group was allowed a sleep of 9 hours every night for a period of 10 days.

The second group was only allowed 5 hours of sleep every night through the entire period of 10 days. But the third group was allowed to have 5 hours of sleep during the week and get as much weekend sleep they wanted.

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The results of the study

weekend sleep is harmful

The study concluded and found out that both the sleep-deprived groups snacked on food. It was much more than the other group who had an ample amount of sleep. Though, the study also found out that weekend sleep affected men more than women, as they gained weight more than women did.

Strangely, the people who slept extra on weekends were the people who got affected the most. Even though they thought that they will be able to cope up on their lost sleep, it seemed that no matter how much they slept, it was still insufficient in the end.

This happened because as soon the weekends got over, they switched back to 5 hours of weekday sleep. So, their body to regulate blood sugar was impaired.

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The effects of weekend sleep on body

weekend sleep is harmful

Short and insufficient sleep schedules during the week and a long weekend sleep are most likely to enhance the inability to regulate blood sugar in the human body. Also, it adds the risk of metabolic disease in the long term. This happens because your metabolism doesn’t get altered in a week.

Most of you have a set time for sleep and your body’s biological clock gets affected in the same way. If you happen to be in the night shift, chances are that your biological cycle is already depriving your body of some important hormones.

In the end, you eat a lot and gain weight

Now that you know weekend sleep, no matter how sweet it is, is not actually good for you. Try and maintain a specific timeline of your sleep. Don’t let weekend sleep honeytrap you. Because in the longer run, a healthy body will be helpful and not useless weekend sleep that is making you fat and full of metabolic disease.

So, what do you want, Weekend sleep or a slim waist? The choice is yours! 

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