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7 Questions About Weight Loss That Millennial Are Afraid To Ask- Here Are Your Answers

Who doesn’t dream to have a perfect body that glows from inside out?

Call it weight loss, shedding extra pounds or just ‘I wanna be fit’.

But we usually start our year with high energy to get into that picture perfect shape but get back to our normal routine after few days. And we keep wondering about easy ways to still keep our body weight under check.


But the question is- What really works? Since the internet is full of thousands of suggestions and remedies to guide you on the path of Weightlessness *ha-ha*. I mean- weight loss.

If you’ve ever tried the stunt of –‘Being on a diet’, you know what I am talking about.

crying and eating

Keeping away from temptations, following a routine and eating food that you hate- all of this combines to make your life a living hell. And you end up getting back to your comfort zone –gulping and stuffing yourself with what not!

Before you start sinking into the black hole of depression that you may never lose weight, just hold your horses.

Here are 7 questions that you as a millennial might feel scared to ask about weight-loss. And our answers in this article will change your life.

1. Can I only shed extra kilos by following a diet?

eating bread guy

No – that’s not the case. Even though following a diet will boost your chances of losing weight, it doesn’t really mean that only a strict diet can shed those pounds. While there are several foods that are rumored to help lose weight, there are various other ways that actually work and help dissolve your fat layer.

Start by eating small meals at intervals and if you can – use a mouthwash after every time you eat something. This will kill your urge to eat, thereby losing weight. Pretty easy, no?

2. What if I don’t join a gym? Can I still…like…lose weight?

tired gym person for weight loss

Don’t wanna join the gym? Don’t! There are other roads, that doesn’t require heavy weightlifting- running- push-ups etc. to lose weight. Relieved?

Now, what if I tell you that you can EAT and lose weight. Sounds weird, but it’s a fact.

According to scientists, if you eat spicy food (chili peppers &jalapenos) it boosts your metabolism as well as burns fat and reduces calorie intake. Moreover, if you eat slowly- you intake fewer calories thereby increasing production of weight-loss hormones.

3. Do I really need to keep a check on my sugar intake?

sugar high

Yes, you do need to keep an eye – if you still act like a kid and can’t live without sugary soft drinks, packed fruit juices, soda, energy drinks etc. But don’t lose hope yet, and switch to fresh fruit juice, herbal green tea, black coffee that will help you in burning that excess fat. Additionally, these magical drinks can make you feel full with almost no intake of calories.

Still thinking about buying that sugary cola?? I don’t think so.

4. What about weight-loss pills, will I grow slim if I use them?

bradley cooper eating pills

Using these so-called ‘magical-pills’ can do anything- but make you lose weight. Sorry to lower down your hopes of being slim by intake of some revolutionary medicine!

So, my advice – go for kick-ass ancient herbal options, like a slimming potion (fenugreek+carom+black cumin seeds –roasted & powdered) in water /buttermilk. Use in on an empty morning stomach and see the results for yourself.

5. Should I switch my oil? Will that be enough to lose weight?

frying food

Well, the question that should be asked is- should I stop eating oily stuff?

To be honest, what matters more is the quantity and quality of oil you use. ‘Use less-eat less’ should be your mantra for oil intake. Frankly, if you want to shed weight doing the bare minimum thing, you can switch to olive oil as it contains ‘oleic acid’ that triggers the feeling of satiety. This will help you eat less, consume lesser calories and the taste of the food cooked in olive oil is heave….well, you already know what I am talking about!

6. I can’t resist eating…how do I control my weight?

popcorn eating girl

Well, there-there!! Everyone has a thing for food… cravings for a particular meal- an attachment with savory and sweet treats and what not. But what can you do about it when you are trying to shed weight?

Start by combating your food addictions by tricking your mind.

Whenever you crave for something-try to go for an alternate but tasty version. Choose fruits over ice-creams, soups over snacks and the most important thing- use a small plate to eat. Works wonders. Really!

7. I have a busy lifestyle- how do I take out time for weight-loss?

super busy

How about I ask you to start ‘getting enough sleep’. If you think, a busy lifestyle will help you burn extra calories-you’re straight up delusional. It won’t be wrong to say that you are putting up weight as you are not getting adequate sleep. Sleeping well will not only regulate good hormones but also help you be fresh throughout your day. Isn’t that the best way to lose weight? Just….sleep well!

Better late than never, eh? Go on now… Pick any favorite regime and let us know what worked for you.

Psst…….and if you have some secret weight-loss tip, share with us in the comments and make the world a slimmer place!!

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