Amazon & BigBasket Gets Permission To Deliver Beer, Wines, Alcohol In This State

Dry days for people and governments treasury solely dedicated to storing earnings from selling alcohol is set to end as Amazon and BigBasket have got clearance to deliver alcohol.

Reportedly, West Bengal has granted the two e-commerce companies permission to deliver alcohol as standing in the queue continues to be a risky affair. The news was shared by Reuters. Reuters has come across a document that signals the e-commerce giant’s entry in delivering alcohol to people’s homes.

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The permission to order alcohol online and deliver the same has been given by the West Bengal State Beverages Corp.
Source – Bharat Samachar Hub

Amazon, with this recent clearance, will be dipping its toes into a market that is worth $27.2 billion, as revealed by the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.  seelinses

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Notably, Amazon and BigBasket are not the first firms to venture into selling alcohol online. Earlier Swiggy and Zomato have also been granted permission to deliver alcohol in several cities.

Source – Economic Times

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Meanwhile, other states might track the success of West Bengal in selling alcohol online to take a decision on whether to allow the sale in other states or not. As of now, no other state has allowed selling alcohol online.

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