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WFH Gone Wrong As Reporter Caught Without Pants During Live Broadcast – Watch

Working from home is a bliss for many as we don’t have to get up every day and wear those formals for the time being. And if you don’t prefer to work in pajamas all day, then this story isn’t for you.

Also, it is a well-known truth that the perks of WFH don’t imply on each and every one of us. Like as a news reporter, you just can’t sit in half clothes to report on live TV. Or can you? Well, reporter Will Reeve thinks we can.

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Will Reeve was recently caught without pants while reporting for a segment of ‘Good Morning America’. According to CNN, the 27-year-old recorded himself for the broadcast from home, but at the end failed to angle the camera such that it hid his pants-less legs.

The netizens were soon to note the ‘glitch’ in the report. While Reeve assured that he was wearing shorts but shorts aren’t enough Reeve.

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He later admitted to wearing workout clothes below the suit jacket. “When WFH goes wrong (or, your self-framed live shot goes too wide),” he wrote on Twitter while sharing a note explaining that he got ready for his post-GMA workout too early. 

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