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Are Whales Compassionate Towards Humans? This Life Threatening Incident Reveals The Truth

Whales. Majestic. Huge and out of this world.

Whale saves diver

Everyone knows that these magnificent mammals are one of the largest living species on earth. But, few of us know that there are many similarities between whales and us humans. Through years of research, scientists have studied them and figured out that we have many things in common with whales.

How similar after all are we to whales?

Whale saves diver

Whales too are social animals. You would rarely find a whale on its own. Just like humans, they live in closely knitted groups. They too have different languages and behaviors within their own culture. Moreover, during the initial stages of their life, whales feed their offsprings with milk just like human new-borns are.

Whale saves diver

They express love to their kind by physically caressing other whales, like we humans hug other people. But do we, as humans, help other humans in danger? Well, the answer is -some of us do, and some of us don’t really care.

On the contrary, whales are way more compassionate and caring when it comes to saving someone from a grave danger. Even when the endangered is of a different species altogether.

Recently, Nan, a whale-biologist encountered something which just cannot be described in words.

Whale saves diver

During one of her dives, a whale appeared out of the blue and started following the scientist. She thought it was just a curious whale and tried to get away from it. Strangely, the whale kept following her and it seemed that it was trying to hide her from something. It did freak her out a bit but she didn’t feel that the whale was trying to harm her in any way. So, she continued to swim.

Whale saves diver

After a while, the whale just started pushing the biologist towards the surface with its pectoral fins. The whale broke the surface and Nan could see the boat she had just dived from.

But why was the whale acting this way?

The whale, then literally swam across hiding the biologist beneath her fin and made sure she safely boarded the boat.

Whale saves diver

That’s when the biologist spotted a huge tiger shark lurking near the area. And she realized what was going on for the last 10 minutes when she was underwater. The whale, all- along, was trying to protect her from a shark attack.

Whale saves diver

Nan is a research scientist and has dedicated her life to protecting whales. She has been doing this for the past 28 years. Though she never encountered a life-changing experience of this sort, she knows for sure that the whale was just being protective.

Check out the video below and see for yourself:

What was the reason behind this?

During her research, she found out that whales offer protection to seals from shark attacks. But she never thought she would get a first-hand experience by being protected by a whale, in the same way, a seal is offered safety against sharks by the whale. Undoubtedly, this has changed the outlook towards whales. It clearly portrays how humble and kind-hearted whales are.

In conclusion:

Even whales tend to save the smaller species from danger and sometimes go to the extent of risking their lives while doing so. It is a shame that we as humans have done so much damage by dumping plastics and waste polluting the ocean. even then, these mammals show us love and kindness. 
It’s time for us to actually change and show the same respect and love for their habitat as they show towards us.

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