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What Do You Find Inside A Dog’s Mind?

It is hard to comprehend what’s inside the tiny furry brains of our fuzzy friends. These adorable beings are known to be the closest buddies for us humans and it is now scientifically proven that they have better brain cells than other animals to grasp our instructions and commands.

Let’s peer through the dog’s eyes and see how they see the world.

As a dog owner, do you ever think what must go on inside those little furry heads of theirs?

Here’s what we think they are thinking when they are behaving in some specific way like, chasing their own tails, or running after a vehicle or showing complex emotions like guilt.

1. When you walk towards your car your Labra runs after you to climb it just in time for a drive

There is a musical note playing inside your dog’s head which says, “Car rides, car rides, how amazing it is to fly across the road flapping my ears through the open window. I love these car rides.”

They wouldn’t spare one second before leaping into the car with you, if they enjoy car rides.

2. What are they dreaming about when they sleep?

It depends upon how the dog spends most of his day. Some dream about playing with ball, if you play with them, some dream about chewing your recliner, but one thing all of them dream about is – Food.

“Oh those succulent bones, I chewed on last night, give me more, give me more, oh my human master, that is my right.”

3. Why do they chase cats?

Cats and dogs have a natural dislike and enmity. They say it is because of the hunting instincts, dogs chase anything that runs away from them.

“Well, also, I don’t like the fact that cats have a little box of their own while we are shoved outside every time we have nature’s call. And chasing them is fuuuunnnnn.”

4. When they look at us adorably 

Do they think we are magical beings? Maybe they do.

“Wow, my human gets food for me from a magic land they call kitchen, and they even throw my favorite ball with those things I don’t have and control this huge animal they call a car. Are they God, or maybe they are Elves.”

5. Tail-wagging

Tail-wagging could be because they are happy to see you back home. Or it could mean they are afraid, or nervous or maybe hostile.

“Don’t come near me if you see me wagging very fast, I maybe scared of you. Don’t blame me for what happens if you don’t listen.”

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 6. Chasing Cars

This is in tandem with the hunter’s instinct they have acquired from their brethren called wolves. They are chasing it because for them it is a big scary animal trying to enter their territory.

“Humans don’t know anything, when the dogs pee on the tires of vehicles and it goes scrolling through the other dog’s area, we are bound to chase away the enemy clan, or the smell of enemy clan.”

7. Trying to catch their own tails

There are many reasons for dogs to chase their own tails, it could be because of boredom and since they are brimming with energy they need a physical activity to ward it off. It also might mean they have developed fleas. Or there might be some health issue. Some dog breeds have a genetic predisposition to chasing tail.

“I chase my tail cause it’s fun, fun to run, fun to grab it. Why won’t you love it? Oh, I know cause humans have no tails anymore.”

8. Do they feel complex emotions?

It is not exactly like they are feeling a remorse over breaking your glass or peeing on the brand-new carpet. They merely show sadness over their master’s look of disapproval or scolding. However, they do feel jealous if you treat one for good behavior and scold another for being naughty.

“I know I broke your favorite vase, it was so much fun to play around the house, when you were not there, but I am now sad to see you feeling bad, I promise never to do it again. But one thing that I don’t understand, how is the vase dearer to you than I.”

9. Barking can begin anytime

There is almost always a valid reason for the dog to bark. They are either scaring something away or trying to warn you about the danger they sense. Even in the middle of the night, if they are barking, it could be anything that disturbs him mentally.

“I saw a fly, and I barked like hell, it made me itchy, it made me angry. Can you at least switch open the fan and close the window, so it doesn’t bother me when I plan to sleep?”

10. Playing with Human Kids

Dogs have as much intelligence as a toddler. It’s why they gel with each other so well. Also, these lovely beings know that those are babies and need to be treated gently. Their maternal instincts kicks in to help them understand the nature and behavior of small human beings.

“How soft you are like a teddy, my little human. I will protect you and save you from all the harm. Playing with you is my favorite time-pass, oh, be careful sweetness, you might hurt yourself.”

11. Revenge is not in their nature

Sometimes it feels like you dog is out to get a revenge by spoiling your living room or tearing apart your favorite shoe. They aren’t humans, even if they sometimes behave like us, they are not predisposed to holding a grudge, so extracting revenge is out of question. Check in what situation he may have done this.

“How lucky am I for my human companion, you feed me, you bathe me, you take me out on strolls, so, even if you scolded me for making a mess, I wouldn’t dream of hurting you ever.”

12. You know what else?

You know what else dogs think about, maybe bulldogs think about chewing on those dog bones. Poodles dream about getting their hair straightened. Shia tzus might be happier if they had curly hair. Chihuahuas might wanna grow a bit more taller, and retrievers might be thinking about jumping to catch the frisbees.

Dogs are man’s best friends from centuries ago. They have developed themselves to be domesticated by us and live in harmony with us.

Now that you know a lot about your doggy, it is time for you to treat him for being so adorable.

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