What is APAAR Card? ‘One Nation, one student ID’

As the sun rises in India, a big change is happening. The government is introducing the ‘APAAR Card’ to revolutionize education in the country.

What is APAAR Card

Revolutionising the Education System with APAAR Card

Thanks to the New Education Policy 2020, students in India will soon have a lifelong ID called the APAAR Card (Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry). It’s not just a digital record, it will be with students throughout their academic journey, recording all the achievements and skills. This card opens the door to a centralized database, where schools and employers can easily check and verify academic records. It’s more than just going digital—it’s a big change that will shape the future of education in India.

Elevating the Standards of Indian Education System 

Introducing the APAAR Card is a big step to make education consistent across India. Now, every student, no matter where they are, gets a special ID to access their school records easily. This change will make it simple for students to switch between schools or colleges. Their records are kept safe and can be quickly checked whenever they need them, making it smooth for students wherever their education journey takes them.

Government Will Have to Improve Data Security and Privacy 

The government knows that handling this kind of data needs careful attention. They promise that the info, although linked to the 12-digit Aadhaar ID, will stay private. It will only be shared with the government when really needed. And here’s the key part—parents can decide to say no at any time. So, the ones directly affected have the final say in how their data is used.

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What to Expect? 

The APAAR Card is a big step to give all students in India a common ID system. It can make education smoother, help share information, and make it easier to check and confirm students’ achievements. But, to make it work well, the government needs to make sure people feel okay about their data being safe. As the day ends, India is looking at a future where education goes digital, and each student’s journey is watched, respected, and valued.

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