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It’s 2021, & People are Still Working From Home & Making A Good Profit, Here’s How.

A couple of days earlier, we had shared an article on cryptocurrency and how people are investing in the same to make a huge profit.

Though the story was appreciated by many (thankful), but some, on the other hand, conferred distinct concerns. They tell us that they are not in favour of getting into the complications of making accounts and then invest in virtual cash (cryptocurrency) that they could never lay their hands on. In a nutshell, they sought a way to earn real cash while investing online.

Well, we totally get what people have been trying to say thus are here to detail another way that has been helping people to earn real cash from their home – Binary Trading.

What is Binary Trading? 

Binary trading over the years has become popular among investors who wish to make cash without having to wait for years or even months.

Binary trading, which is completely legal in India, is like playing a game whenever you are free and making money while doing so. You will understand the term better with further explanation.

How does Binary Trading works? 

Binary Trading is an investment that works on prediction. Here, you need to make predictions and if your predictions are right, you can win a good chunk of money. Here’s an example.

There are many platforms out there that allow binary trading. Let’s, for example, consider 192Trade.


Using 192Trade, all you need to do is guess what would be the change in the value of a particular Currency, Cryptocurrency or Stock in the future and if your guess is right, you can win cash directly into wallets like Paytm.

In simplest words, you need to guess if the value of, for example, a currency (eg: dollar) will increase or decrease in the future and you get money for guessing right.

How 192Trade Works?

On the 192Trade app, you can trade on 3 main types of assets to win real cash. These are Currency Pairs, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

Let’s take an example of a Stock 

  • To play, the user can choose to bid on the stock prices of the following companies – Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Amazon on 192Trade.
  • Once chosen, the user then needs to predict if the Share Value, of the stock chosen, will dip or rise in the future.
  • If predicted right, the user wins based on the money he/she had invested in the first place.

Similarly, if you want to guess what would be the value of cryptocurrencies in the future, then you can do that too.

  • To play, the user can choose to bid on the future value of the following three cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.
  • You simply need to guess if the future value of the cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin) will increase or decrease in the future.
  • If you guess right, If predicted right, you win based on the money you had invested in the first place.

Anything you win can directly be transferred into your wallet, which means you will have real cash in hand. That’s all Binary Trading is all about.

192Trade app link.

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