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Watch Second Viral Dance Video Of “What Would The World Be Without Sikhs” Netizens Are Loving It

Canadian journalist ‘Tarek Fateh’  recently shared a couple of videos with the caption, ‘What would the world be without Sikhs! ‘ on his Twitter profile.

No wonder, the kind of zeal and enthusiasm Sikhs have, it simply cannot be matched by most people on this planet. Sikhs are the lively and awesome lot, who always spreads happiness and fun vibes whenever they gather.

The first video

The first video of ‘What would the world be without Sikhs!’ was uploaded on 2nd Feb, which showed a beautiful elderly Sikh couple dancing on the beats of the ‘Lambhorgini ‘ song.

The suit-clad couple definitely had some moves to show off and the best part of the entire dance, was their blissfully happy faces, while they performed it. Soon, the video went viral and got around 11.5 k likes. Plus, over 3,548 people talking about it right now.

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The second video ‘What would the world be without Sikhs’

However, the Canadian journalist who shared the first video had more to share. Though the second video seems to be from a different venue, it spreads the same happy vibrations. This video was uploaded on 4th Feb.

In this video, the elderly Sikh man gets up from his seat and begins his epic performance on the song,’Chahe koi mujhe junglii kahe’. Soon, another Sikh lady joins him and they both take the dance floor by surprise. He then proceeds to pick up another girl from the chair and dances along as the video comes to an end.

This video is priceless though-

Sikhs are Kings (of fun)

With several comments and likes, Netizens’ love for ‘What would the world be without Sikhs’ videos is evident. After all, how many people have the energy these elderly folks have? I bet the number would be very less.

Canada has always witnessed the liveliness of Sikhs considering the huge number of Punjabi families, that have made it their home. It is beautiful to see that a part of Indian culture is being so loved by people all over the world. And the Sikhs never hold back when it comes to expressing happiness and love.

Which is why, the question is really crucial, ‘What would the world be without Sikhs’ and people have responded with equally strong and beautiful answers.

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Here are the best of them-


What about you, What’s your answer?

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