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WhatsApp Can Get Banned From India: And Here is The Reason

With the rise of the digital era, WhatsApp has become the most popular texting app. It allows you to send text, pictures and videos at a blazing fast speed. And today, every one of us have this app installed on our smartphones.

Even if you want to know the whereabouts of your loved ones with exact locations, Whatsapp has become the main mode of communication.

But do you know it might get banned from India? Yes, Government authorities are asking questions to the officials at Facebook Inc., the parent company of Whatsapp.

What is the news? Why WhatsApp might get banned from India?

After the unfortunate terrorist strike in Pulwama, we have lost our 44 CRPF soldiers. It was a surprise attack, which only became possible because someone from the inside shared the information of the convoy and its route.

Just few days from Pulwama attack, the government asked for intervention in the Whatsapp messages being circulated in India. Reason being, a lot of porn content and violence videos were regularly getting viral on the app. Thus, govt. wanted to curb those messages. And when this was under discussion, the attacks happened making the case of government even stronger.

But currently, Whatsapp does not allow any sort of monitoring on its messages. So, as per the policy, all the messages are end to end encrypted. It simply means that the access to any message remains only between the sender and the receiver and no one else.

Bcause of this policy, the American company may deny any changes to its current platform as it will be a privacy breach for its users. And If both the officials at WhatsApp and our government did not come to a common ground, it is very much possible that we have to say goodbye to our favorite online messaging app.

In Conclusion:

What’ll happen next is impossible to guess but we hope it won’t get banned. China had already banned the use of WhatsApp in their country. While talking about India, everything is speculation as the final information from the government is not out. Thus, we can only wait to know what will be the future of Whatsapp in India.

And meanwhile, we can look for an alternative app which is as easy to operate and share messages online.

How’d you feel if Whatsapp get banned? Do share with us in comments.

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