WhatsApp Desktop App is Retiring Soon

You can access WhatsApp through your desktop with WhatsApp web, through the dedicated app with the Microsoft app store and through the platform’s desktop interface. However, the platform has decided to retire its electron-based desktop app forever. So, any user still relying on the electron-based app version will require to shift to a native app for their compatible OS.

WhatsApp Desktop App is Retiring Soon

WhatsApp is Discontinuing Desktop Electron App?

In the early development stage of WhatsApp, when its apps were still in the developing stage, the platform created a desktop app based on the Electron JavaScript framework. “This allowed them to share a code base between WhatsApp Web and the new, platform-agnostic desktop app that worked on both Windows and macOS. Around four weeks ago, a countdown timer showed up on the main screen of this desktop app, announcing its shutdown.”

As per reports of WABetaInfo, users who are visiting the electron-based app are seeing a message that says, ‘App expired’. Now, this expired version of WhatsApp perfectly syncs with the dedicated WhatsApp app available in the Microsoft Store to download or Mac Store for Apple users. “The new native app has been stable for around a year now but is still relatively new. Some users may lament the transition period was too short, or the native app still doesn’t have all the functionality for business users, like catalogue management and quick replies, and they would be right,” wrote android police.

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“However, the transition is happening with good reason. Although the Electron app was versatile and portable, it was not optimized for macOS or Windows, making it a resource-intensive app, especially for low-end machines. In comparison, the new native app is optimized for each desktop OS and offers greater stability while hogging fewer system resources,” further mentioned.

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