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WhatsApp: Fingerprint Unlock And 3 Other Features That You Must Try

WhatsApp has always been curious about updates that not only bring new features to the application but also keep its billions of users’ security in check. Apparently, the only app that doesn’t have much history with privacy woes, Whatsapp, after rolling out features that pertain to privacy and controlling of fake news is now rolling out some really exciting and app-enhancing features – including Fingerprint unlock – that you must-try.

With that being said, here are four freshly brewed WhatsApp features you must be aware of:

1. WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock

whatsapp finger print unlock

Currently available for only beta users, WhatsApp has begun rolling out its much-awaited Fingerprint Unlock for Android users. The feature once enabled will let the Android users quickly unlock the application using their fingerprint.

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To enable the feature, you need to be a beta tester for the app and if you are, head to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint unlock. The official version for all the users is expected to launch soon alongside WhatsApp Dark Mode.

2. Frequently Forwarded

frequently forwarded


To tackle fake news, WhatsApp has begun rolling out a new feature that lets users know if a certain message has been forwarded more than five times. Once a WhatsApp message is forwarded more than 5 times, WhatsApp will automatically title it as “frequently forwarded” which is just “forwarded” if the message has been forwarded less than 5 times.

3. Consecutive Voice Messages

Consecutive Voice Messages

With the brand-new consecutive messages feature, you can listen to multiple voice messages (that have been sent at once) in a go, without you requiring to go back and playing the next voice message. In a nutshell, multiple consecutive voice messages that have been sent at once will play automatically.

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4. Group Invitation

Frequently Forwarded

With this new feature, now the rein to join or not join a certain WhatsApp Group is in your hands. Group invitation feature lets users decide if anyone or only their contacts can add them to WhatsApp groups. Users can set the option to nobody if they don’t seek to be a part of WhatsApp groups. This would result in the user receiving an invitation to join the WhatsApp group which will expire in 72 hours.

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