WhatsApp Tips: 5 WhatsApp Hacks to keep your Chats Safe

Are you worried that your chats are not safe in your WhatsApp? If yes, then this article is certainly for you. I will share some of the tried and tested WhatsApp Tips in this article. These 5 WhatsApp Hacks will help you keep your chats safe and between you and your friends only.

WhatsApp Tips: 5 WhatsApp Hacks to keep your Chats Safe

1. WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp has offered you to send messages to your friends which can disappear after a certain point of time decided by you. It means you can set the lifeline of your sensitive messages that you don’t want to linger for long. There are three timeline options: 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days after sending the message.

2. WhatsApp Delete/Restore Messages

WhatsApp allows you to delete or restore messages as per your convenience. In case you send an unwanted message to someone, you can always delete that message. However, in case you didn’t intend to delete the message, you can always use the undo button to restore that message within a few seconds of deletion.

In case you do not have that feature in your WhatsApp, you may get it in the upcoming updates. Also, the feature is available only when you delete a message for everyone by clicking on ‘Delete for Everyone.’

3. WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

If you wish to keep your WhatsApp Chats away from the eyes of unwanted people touching your phone, you can turn on the Two-Step Verification feature given in WhatsApp. It basically allows you to set up a PIN number which you require to open WhatsApp and here is how to set it:

Settings> Account> Two-step verification> Enable and enter a six-digit PIN>Add a recovery email address.

4. WhatsApp View Once Messages

In addition to disappearing messages, WhatsApp also offers you the View Once Messages feature. When you use this feature to send a message, the receiver gets only one chance to look at the message. Once the receiver opens and closes the message, it disappears and can not be seen again.

5. Limit your Online Visibility on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to control who can see your activity on the app like when you are online or what was your last visit. However, you can customise this by visiting the Privacy section in the WhatsApp Settings. You can control who can see you online, who can see your last seen, who can see your read receipt in WhatsApp messages and status. All these options give you a lot of control over your privacy in terms of the application.


So, these were the top 5 WhatsApp hacks everyone should know about to protect your privacy on the application. If you are also struggling with keeping your chats safe, then I highly recommend you to use the above mentioned hacks to use the application in the best possible way.

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