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Do You Know About These 5 WhatsApp Hidden Features?

WhatsApp is one of the best online messaging apps that has already taken over the traditional SMS format. Now, people love to use Whatsapp for sending all kind of text messages and digital files, such as images, videos and even gifs.

There was a time when, Whatsapp used to be paid. Though, I highly doubt that anyone has ever paid to use this amazing online messaging app. Luckily, after getting acquired by Facebook, now, it has become completely free.

But that’s not what we are here for. Today, we are going to tell you about the cool hidden features of Whatsapp that not everyone knows about.

1. Get rid of blue tick

WhatsApp Hidden Features

The blue tick feature on WhatsApp is quite helpful to find out whether your message has been reached and read by the recipient or not. But sometimes it can get annoying when people start taunting you for not replying even after reading their messages.

Add more privacy to your account and get rid of the blue tick. To do so, go to the WhatsApp account setting, tap on privacy and at the bottom, you’ll see read recipient. Untick the checkbox and that’s it.

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2. Location Sharing

WhatsApp Hidden Features

Traditionally you can share your location on WhatsApp with the help of Google maps. But, with the help of WhatsApp hidden feature now you can share your live location directly from the app.
To do that tap on the media sharing icon of the chat window. There you’ll see an option to share locationt. Tap on it. After that you’ll have two options, either select the “send current location” or use the option that allows you to share “live location,” for a particular period of time.

3. Customize chat notification

With WhatsApp, now you don’t have to check your phone every time you hear the notification sound, wondering whether it’s from your bae. Customize the chat notification sound according to your preference, it will help you in limiting your phone use.

To do that simply tap on the chat, then tap on the name on the chat window. After that, you’ll see an option saying, “custom notification,” which will allow to use custom notification and select the sound that you want to use.

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4. Formatting messages

WhatsApp Hidden Features

To emphasise on your messages you can use the Whatsapp formatting options. Yes, there are ways that you can use to bold your text or strike through the text.

To bold text: To bold, the portion (or entire) text bold, add an asterisk. For example (*This will appear bold in WhatsApp*)

To add Italic style: Add underscore in the portion of the text (or on entire text) to make it italic. For example (_this will see appear italic in WhatsApp_).

Strikethrough a word: Use tilde at the beginning and at the end of the word to strike through it. For example (~this will be strikethrough in whatsapp~)

5. Prevent images from getting saved into your gallery

WhatsApp Hidden Features

By default, all the images that you receive on the WhatsApp get saved into your gallery. We know how annoying it can get, when your gallery is filled with the thousands of good morning images that you received on WhatsApp.

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But you can stop that and get rid of that clutter easily with this hidden feature of WhatsApp. To do that go the Chat setting of your WhatsApp account. There you’ll see an option that reads “Show media on the gallery,” untick the checkbox that is in front of it and that’s it.

In Conclusion:

These are the 5 WhatsApp hidden features that not everyone knows about. But you know them to know, use these features to improve privacy and for the better use of the WhatsApp service.

Happy WhatsApping!! 

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