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Yesterday, was a hard day for millions of users across the globe. From media reports and tweets it was very clear the outage was all across US, Africa, parts of Asia and Europe.

What had happened?

facebook outage

The dreaded outage began on 8.30 pm IST and went on for a rather long period of time. Before the panic spread, Facebook took the mater in its hands and issued a statement to calm down the users worldwide.

The statement released on 9.48 pm IST said, “”We’re aware that some people are having trouble uploading or sending images, videos or other files on our apps. We’re sorry for the trouble and are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.” As of right now, the issues still persist on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on both Android and iOS.”

For the next few hours, they started working on a fix. Thankfully, it was all back to normal this morning.

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But why did this happen?

WhatsApp outage

Blame it on some advanced bug or a hacker who had some malicious plans to ruin 4th of July or just pull some global stunt, this outage was well crafted.

Whatever their intent was, they had some serious background work done beforehand. A lot of effort must have went into pulling off this global outage on one of the most used social media platform.

WhatsApp outage

WhatsApp chat interface and Instagram posts and stories were not affected to a large extent, but transferring any form of media, including audio and images suffered a lot of technical issues. Some sort of a server bug  was preventing users from downloading content that was sent across.

Apps down thrice within last 5 months

Instagram outage

Considering the vast usage of the three apps- Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, it is bad that all these platforms have suffered the same kind of bugs related issue in the last 5 months. Every time, these platforms suffered the same server and media transfer related issues.

Within a few hours of outage, there were a massive 75 lakh complaints being sent by users from across the globe. And why not, the number of users of these platforms have crossed over 4 billion.

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In Conclusion:

The same outage took place in March and April. Though, it were fixed as soon as the authorities could, it raises the question, what would happen if all these apps are removed from the picture? Having more that 4 billion users, how will the world cope up without Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

What about you, can you survive without social media? 

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