WhatsApp is Deleting the Accounts If You Use These Apps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps which allows immediate communication between two or multiple users through text, reaction stickers, images, videos, etc. The platform has recently been highly active in releasing updates to enhance user experience. But there are still limitations which WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to break. There are some highly convenient chat features for which users download the modified or unofficial version of WhatsApp. But this can lead to the discontinuation of your account.

WhatsApp is Deleting the Accounts

Why You Should Not Install Modified or Unofficial WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has recently warned `users about deleting their accounts if they use modified or unofficial versions of this app, as it violates the platform policy. So, if you continue to use WhatsApp through third-party apps then you are risking your chats and media files.

“But how will you know that WhatsApp has deleted your account? Well, the team reported that the users would get a message. It will first warn you that your account has been temporarily suspended. If you still do not uninstall the unofficial app and install the official version, the account may get permanently suspended,” mentioned gizchina.

“Yes, the modded version of WhatsApp might offer you a lot of customizability options. But are those extra unofficial features worth it? We think otherwise. Also, you can’t forget that the app’s unofficial versions pose many security risks. You would not want to get your sensitive data to be stolen, right?”, mentioned further.

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“So, if you are running an unofficial WhatsApp application on your phone, this would be the right time to uninstall it. Instead, install the latest version of the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. They are free and will not risk your account from getting deleted!” they said.

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