WhatsApp Launches New Safety Extension ‘Code Verify’

WhatsApp Sending Wave Of New Features

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp has been sending multiple waves of new features recently. The motive to release all these features is to make this instant messaging app more private and secure. With the latest development, Meta owned platform has introduced a new browser extension for the safety of WhatsApp web users. The name of the feature is ‘Code Verify’, it will allow users to know the authenticity of the version of WhatsApp Web they are using.

The new extension will automatically verify the authenticity of the code, which is shown to the users on webpage. This new facility will be very reliable which will let the users know their conversations are secure.

WhatsApp Sending Waves Of New Features

Partnership With Cloudflare

To provide this new feature, WhatsApp made a partnership with Cloudflare. The code has been develop under an open-source project that lets other companies blend it into their apps.

WhatsApp’s blog spot says

“We’ve given Cloudflare a cryptographic hash source of truth for WhatsApp Web’s JavaScript code. When someone uses Code Verify, the extension automatically compares the code that runs on WhatsApp Web against the version of the code verified by WhatsApp and published on Cloudflare.”

WhatsApp’s blog spot says

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‘Code Verify’ Extension

A New browser extension named Code Verify is now available for different browsers like Chrome, Firefox & Microsoft Edge. This authenticator code runs a complete analysis of all the attributes of the entire web page. It activates automatically when a user opens the WhatsApp Web. Once the analysis is done and the webpage proves to be authentic, the extension notifies the user about it. A green tick in a circle of extension will show the validity of the Web Code.

‘Code Verify’ Extension

What Happens When The Code Is Not Verified?

What Happens When The Code Is Not Verified?

If the extension is not able to verify the authenticity of Webpage, it shows three messages to the user. “Network Times Out, Possible Risk Detected, and Validation Failure” these three messages the users will see. The Code Verify Extension shows three different colours of authenticity which are green, orange and red. Users can see them by clicking the extension icon. With this safety feature, no other malicious version of WhatsApp Web can target the users.

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