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WhatsApp May Give New Power To Group Admins

Meta owned social texting app WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature. The feature will increase the authority of group admins in chat groups that is currently running on the application.

The information was released by a report published by XDA Developers. The new feature will allow the group admins to delete messages of any participant for everyone in the group.

Currently, every participant can only delete their own text message. Admins have no control over the message sent by participants. However, group admin has the authority to remove any participant from the group. Admins can also change the setting where only admins are allowed to send messages in the group.

Move to add this new feature will give admins the authority to control the content of their groups. Since long time WhatsApp has been in news as a tool for spreading fake messages. This feature will also check that there is less spread of fake messages through groups. Admins can also make sure that people are following certain decorum and the purpose of group is not getting lost.

Participants will also get notified about their deleted messages and the name of person who has deleted their messages. The name of the person who deleted the message will also be displayed in the group if there is more than one admin in the group.

The report revealed that the feature is under the stage of testing and development. The time of release of the future is not revealed. WhatsApp Beta will have the feature first and then later common users will get to use the feature.

WhatsApp has also been in news regarding partnership with JioMart for grocery shopping and mobile prepaid recharge. These new features might hamper the extremely simple UI for which WhatsApp is popular among its users.

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