WhatsApp Recently Got Bunch Of Powerful Features That You Must Know

Meta has recently introduced some powerful features to its instant messaging platform WhatsApp. With these latest abilities of this instant messenger, your group calling experience will become quite interactive. WhatsApp Head, Will Cathcart in his recent Twitter post announced that “when it comes to group calls” now users can ‘mute, message-specific a person’ and can “see a banner” when someone new joins the calls..

WhatsApp Recently Got Bunch Of Powerful Features That You Must Know

Will Cathcart Announces WhatsApp Latest Features

While announcing on Twitter Will Cathcart wrote, “Some new features for group calls on @WhatsApp: You can now mute or message specific people on a call (great if someone forgets to mute themselves!), and we’ve added a helpful indicator so you can more easily see when more people join large calls.”

Handling Individuals In WhatsApp Group Calls Become Easy

The latest features are focused on providing a little more comfort to an individual in a group call by making him or her capable to mute or message a specific person. Plus, now WhatsApp group calls will get a little more focused when they can mute someone to avoid the background disturbing sounds of their home or office. Few individuals attending a group call from the same room can create an annoying echo if even one of them forgets to mute, this is where this new feature comes into play.

Moreover, individuals attending WhatsApp group calls can communicate with each other by using separate messaging features. To mute or message someone you will only need to long-press the name of the person and it will show two options “Message (name of the user) or Mute (name of the user)”

Get A Banner Alert When Someone Joins The Call

In addition to the above feature, WhatsApp has also got the ability to alert the call attending individuals of someone new joining the call by showing a banner. This was announced by WhatsApp’s official Twitter handle in a separate post.

See the Tweet:

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New options In Privacy Control Settings

On June 16, Meta-Owned Instant Messenger, WhatsApp announced in a Twitter post that they have “rolling out new options to your privacy control settings.” After which the users now have the power to choose who can see their profile photo, info, and last seen status.

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