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WhatsApp Shortcuts And Cheat Codes Released, Now Do Tasks In No Time

The messaging app WhatsApp is used worldwide to send text and voice messages, making video and voice calls, sharing images, locations, documents, and more. It keeps on updating its apps and introduces amazing features. This time, it has released shortcut keys, also known as Cheat Codes.

These security codes are available for Windows as well as Mac users. WhatsApp has shared these shortcut keys on Twitter with the caption “Final Boss Mode: Unblocked”.

However, these shortcut keys will allow you to experience several options, such as opening a new chat window, unrolling the message, searching in a chat list, and muting chatting.

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Being a user, you must know that the shortcut keys may vary depending on your operating system and type of application. Therefore, it has released cheat codes for four categories, such as Mac browser, Mac desktop app, Windows desktop app, and Windows browser version.

Lists of The WhatsApp Shortcut Keys

Source: kalingatv

Source: kalingatv

Source: kalingatv

Source: kalingatv

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