WhatsApp Text Editor to Get Full Revamp, New Formatting Options are Coming

Exciting WhatsApp news incoming! The messaging platform under Meta’s ownership is in the midst of testing out brand-new text formatting tools. These nifty additions are geared towards giving users a plethora of fresh ways to jazz up their text and make it stand out. While these intriguing options have initially been detected on the WhatsApp desktop version, fret not, Android and iOS users could potentially dive into these creative features too. Ready? Here it is.

WhatsApp Text Editor to Get Full Revamp, New Formatting Options are Coming

WhatsApp Launching New Formatting Tools

Unveiling a recent revelation from WABetaInfo: WhatsApp is stepping up its game with a beta update for WhatsApp for Desktop. Brace yourself for a trio of novel text formatting tools, expanding the repertoire beyond the usual bold, italic, and underline choices.

Kicking off the toolkit is the Code Block feature, a welcome addition for code enthusiasts who want a seamless reading experience for lines of programming magic. Imagine coders effortlessly exchanging insights on WhatsApp—this tool is their secret sauce.

Then comes the game-changing Quote feature, crafted to be your conversational compass. Ever been lost in a sea of messages? This tool comes to the rescue, allowing you to reference previous messages with finesse.

WhatsApp Text Editor to Get Full Revamp, New Formatting Options are Coming

Now, let’s address the skeptics pondering why a Quote formatting tool is necessary alongside an existing Quote feature. Here’s the scoop: the formatting tool hones in on precision, enabling users to cherry-pick specific message fragments. The regular Quote feature, on the other hand, corrals entire messages.

Last but not least, we have the List tool, a productivity power-up. Imagine crafting shopping lists with ease or orchestrating party plans seamlessly—this tool promises to be your dynamic duo. And in the realm of group chats, its utility knows no bounds.

For those seeking a visual preview of this text-formatting marvel, feast your eyes on the accompanying screenshot.

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At present, these novel formatting tools are in the hands of WhatsApp for Desktop’s beta testers. Yet, their journey doesn’t stop there—Android and iOS beta users could be next in line, followed by the general audience. Imagine the conversations becoming more dynamic, tailored, and engaging as users wield the power to style and present their messages precisely as they envision.

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