WhatsApp to Roll Out 60-Second Video Recording and Sharing Feature

WhatsApp keeps on coming up with new features to enhance the user experience. Recently, the Meta-owned platform made it possible to modify texted texts on Android. On Android and iOS, the instant messaging program is now launching a new function called video messages. Sharing quick videos up to 60 seconds long is possible with this function on WhatsApp.

For iOS and Android beta testers, the well-known messaging app has reportedly begun rolling out the video message functionality. Now the users will be able to share 60-second-long videos with their friends and family using this newly introduced feature. iOS users must obtain the updated version, and Android users must install version in order to use the functionality.

The reports also mentioned that the simplest and quickest way to see if your WhatsApp account has the option to record a video message is to hit the microphone button within the chat bar in any discussion. If it changes to a video camera button, you may start recording video messages right away. To hear the audio in a video message that you send or receive, you must first magnify the video by touching it once, as seen in the screenshot that is attached. Keep in mind that the receiver should upgrade their WhatsApp version in order to see your video messages.

The video messages are always end-to-end encrypted in order to ensure that neither the receiver nor the sender, including WhatsApp, can watch them, The see-once option does not broadcast video messages, therefore they cannot be shared directly through the app, but they may still be recorded by screen capture. Although it is now undergoing beta testing, the capability will probably soon be made available to all users. 

India Now Has Whatsapp Channels Accessible

WhatsApp was launched officially in India with the addition of the Channels feature. Administrators may send one-way broadcasts to users that include text, images, videos, stickers, and polls with this cutting-edge technology. Additionally, WhatsApp is currently developing a searchable directory that will let users discover channels relevant to their interests, such as updates from local politicians, sports teams, and hobbies.

The discovery and following of channels of interest are made easier with the help of this directory, which strives to increase user convenience. Users may easily click on the invite links offered in conversations, emails, or online postings to join a particular WhatsApp Channel.

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