With The Latest WhatsApp Update Invite Friends Through Call Links

WhatsApp always knows what has to be done at the right moment, to keep the audience engaged on its instant messaging platform. It has always maintained the balance between useful and useless features. And this recently released essential update proves this point. During the pandemic, everyone learned the importance of digitisation and starting with the corporate giants even the small businesses also took their essential activities online with video conferencing software. So, now WhatsApp has also released the call links invite feature.

Latest WhatsApp Update Invite Friends Through Call Links

Invite Your Friends On Calls Through WhatsApp Call Links, The Latest Update

Through WhatsApp’s new call link feature, you can invite mostly 32 members only, because it’s still in the testing phase, to your video calls and voice calls. Though the feature is not up to the level of Google meet or Zoom yet, still you can perform conferencing upto a smaller extent without switching out of your favourite messaging app. This update was introduced last month and it seems now to be rolling out on large scale now.

Also, Mark Zuckerberg, last month, announced “link sharing for voice and video calls, suggesting that its arrival would be imminent. It’s a few weeks later, but we’re now seeing the feature land, accessible on our devices. The option to generate a link for a new call gets pinned above your call log in the WhatsApp Calls tab. When you tap on it, you can set the call type (voice or video) and copy the invite link, forward it to contacts through WhatsApp, or share it using other apps”, mentioned android police.

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After receiving the call link the recipients can join the call by taping on the link. But there is only one problem, people who receive the link can join anytime without confirmation. This update has a little bit of an implementation issue due to which you are not notified as soon as someone joins the call. Your mind has to be constantly available to see joined members list on the call. Also, WhatsApp sees all the calls as group calls, whether you are doing voice or video conferencing, and even if you have invited only one person.

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