WhatsApp Update, Now Link Multiple Accounts to Same Device

WhatsApp users can now enjoy the convenience of using multiple accounts on a single device, without the need for complicated workarounds. In the past, users had to resort to cloning the WhatsApp app or using parallel spaces, which could slow down the device by running parallel Google Play Services and increasing the CPU’s workload.

WhatsApp Update, Link Multiple Accounts to Same Device

WhatsApp Multi-Account Support 

In the latest WhatsApp Beta version for Android, there’s a new interface feature with an “Add account” button. This feature was previously limited to a small group of beta testers in version This addition not only allows using one account on multiple devices but also brings WhatsApp closer in functionality to Messenger by Meta.

WhatsApp is rolling out some handy new features. Community owners will soon be able to control who can add members, choosing between everyone and just community admins. This setting can be found in the community settings.

Community admins will also gain the ability to edit announcements for up to 15 minutes after they’re made. In group chats, admins can decide how much of the chat history new members can see when they join, up to 24 hours prior. These changes will make managing WhatsApp groups more convenient and flexible.

WhatsApp’s New Login Method

WhatsApp is changing its login method. Instead of just using phone numbers, they’re adding the option to verify email addresses to receive verification codes. This is a response to users who have trouble getting one-time passwords (OTPs) via SMS. Eligible beta testers can try this new feature in their account settings.

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Future Updates 

WhatsApp for Android users can expect a fresh look with a revamped user interface inspired by Material Design 3. This update places the account icon in the top right corner, alongside the search, camera, and settings buttons.

The inclusion of the profile picture in this layout suggests WhatsApp’s readiness to accommodate multiple accounts, aligning with similar designs found in other apps that support multiple account management. 

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