WhatsApp Introduces Exciting Voice Chat Features For The Users

WhatsApp’s messaging platform has added a new Voice chat function to enable you to engage with big groups on the app. According to the Meta-owned app, it is less disruptive than a group call, which rings all members of the group.

The call controls are also incorporated at the top of the chat, allowing you to instantly unmute, hang up, or message the group without leaving the conversation.

WhatsApp claims that it encrypts all audio chats, as well as personal calls and texts, by default. The tool will be given out to large organizations in the coming weeks, beginning with those with 33 or more members.

How Will Voice Chats Work?

When a member starts a voice chat, all members in the group will receive a push notice to join the conversation rather than a call. An in-chat bubble will also pop up to allow users to join the conversation. Users may see who has joined the voice chat in a banner at the bottom of the screen.

“Once everyone has left the chat, voice chats will automatically end.” “They’ll also end after 60 minutes if no one joins the first or last person in the chat,” the company stated.

Voice conversations are available for groups of 33-128 members. The functionality will only function on the user’s primary device, which is their phone. “Group members not in the voice chat can see the profiles of those in the voice chat from the chat header and the Calls tab,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

How to Enable WhatsApp Voice Chats

Follow the steps below to begin a voice chat on WhatsApp:

  • Open the group chat with which you wish to start a voice chat.
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, tap the waveform symbol.
  • Right-click “Start Voice Chat.”

IP Address Protection Feature

WhatsApp introduced a new feature in October that allows users to conceal their IP addresses during talks. All calls will be channeled through WhatsApp’s servers using this functionality, guaranteeing that other participants in the conversation cannot see a user’s IP address and hence determine general geographical position.

“This new feature adds an extra layer of privacy and security, especially for our most privacy-conscious users.” “As always, your calls are end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp cannot listen to your calls even if they are relayed through WhatsApp servers,” WhatsApp stated in a blog post.

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