WhatsApp Voice Transcription Feature Will Soon Let You Read Voice Messages

Subtitles, captions and transcriptions make it easy for us to follow everything from Netflix shows to YouTube videos and Google Meet calls. These types of innovative features are always appreciated by the users which helps them to understand and follow the complex processes.

We are here to discuss the next most convenient feature that WhatsApp will receive very soon, called Voice Message Transcriptions. Google Meet first got its voice transcripts with the launch of Pixel 7, and Telegram allows users to view transcriptions with a premium plan now it’s time for WhatsApp to receive this amazing ability.

WhatsApp Voice Transcription Feature

WhatsApp to Receive Voice Message Transcription Feature

The very first time this WhatsApp feature was in the news was back in 2021. In iOS devices, it completely relied on the device’s inbuilt tool to convert audio messages into text. But it feels like the instant messaging app has completely mastered this ability and is ready to roll as an independent feature. The traces of this ability is witnessed with the latest beta update.

A dialogue box in the WhatsApp beta for iOS details reasons why the app might not be able to transcribe a voice note received in a chat, as spotted by WABetaInfo. Perhaps the audio doesn’t have any words for the tool to pick up, or the language is different from what is set as default. It also gives you the option to change the language, indicating support for multiple languages from the get-go,” mentioned by android police.

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We don’t yet have any info on how well (or if at all) the feature works for iOS users in its current beta state. But the report does specify that WhatsApp is still leveraging the iPhone’s on-device transcription capabilities to convert voice notes into text entirely offline, just like in those earlier tests. While great for your privacy, this approach will require you to download appropriate language packs on your phone for the feature to work,” they further explained.

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