11 Professions That Are Taken For Granted Especially By Our Friends

Oh, you sure remember that historical day when you decided your profession, yes? You thought you will rock the world, earn respect and save a lot of money while people awe in appreciation.

But then, the hard reality hit you. You find yourself surrounded by those despicable chepos, who proudly call themselves ‘your friends’, but are always on the lookout to use your professional skills, for FREE!

Yes, these idiotic species of friends are found under every rock. So, no matter what your profession is, you are very likely to be stalked by one of such friends. Here’s the list of such professions that suffer the same fate-

1. Painter

Yeah, you know the feeling when that self-obsessed friend of yours is after your blood. Whenever you run into him, he begins the conversation with,’ Yaar, kaahe ka painter hai tu? 5 Saal se bol-bol ke thak gya par Meri Ek portrait Nai Bana Paya Tu!’

And then you finally plan to help him realize that he actually doesn’t require a portrait.

painter memes

2. Engineer

The entire concept of being an engineer ends up with being summoned to a friend’s house who lives miles away. Why? To set up a projector or fix windows of the laptop so that they can watch the latest chick-flick.

You sometimes think of switching your profession as an installation guy. At least he gets paid for it, right?

engineer memes

3. Human Resource Manager

Every day, at least 7 of your jobless friends call you and beg for a job (even when they have one). They don’t even feel the need to give you a resume, or a degree or a certificate or anything that is required for a job application. But hey, they are your friends.

Moreover, they are just confused that you are the CEO of the company and not a professional HR.

HR memes

4. Dancer

God save your arse if you happen to be in the dancing profession. You are summoned for a dance performance every time there is a wedding, childbirth, jagraata or even an installation of a new street light in the society.

And hey, sometimes you gotta give dancing lessons for the ladies sangeet function.

dance teacher memes

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5. Stand-up Comedian

You walk in the room and comments like, “Hey he is here, our performer is here, chal shuru ho ja, wo wala joke suna” start flying around from every corner. And they dare you to say ‘no’.

And guess what, they sometimes don’t even applaud, if you are slightly out of your element. “Aj kya hogya tuje?” With an insulting smile, they add.

friends memes

6. Content Writer 

Never ever expose that you write and get money for that. It seems everybody around a content writer wants an article to be meticulously crafted in their honor.

They want you to portray them as superheroes.

writer memes

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7. Gym Trainer

Your life story is: Birth- Bhai body banwa de- Death.

None of your friends pay you for helping them out in their workout sessions. Your life is the living example of ‘Neki Kar dariya me daal’.  A-holes will surround you, who want a good body with zero investment.

And you are their messiah. Bless you.

gym memes

8. Marketer

If you are in the marketing profession, don’t make friends who are into start-ups. Period. You (without even being consulted) will be assigned to establish the business with your email and SMS marketing skills.

So, the moment you hear the word ‘start-up’, act like you’ve had a heart attack and play dead.

marketing memes

9. Doctor

You guys have to go through an unimaginable amount of frustration, isn’t it? Your house, relatives, and even your cat use your profession whenever they can.

If the neighbor’s kid sneezes, dog poops, next -door aunty barfs or top-floor uncle farts- you are immediately summoned. And a true doctor never takes a fee to help people. Right?

doctor memes

10. Singer 

You have been kept awake several nights by those treacherous friends, who claim they love your voice. But the truth is, you are a better version of FM for them. And if you happen to get hands on some food during the entire night, consider yourself lucky.

friends memes

11. Photographer

The moment you step out with that DSLR, a new species of ugly ass friends appear out of nowhere. They start begging you to click model-like pictures. You lay down, climb trees, go underwater and even fly to get that perfect pic for them.

And they just seem to roll out their eyes if they aren’t satisfied with the result. Yeah, go ahead kill them. Period. No one would blame you.

photographer memes

In Conclusion:

Each profession has its own charms and it might appear super-easy on the outside, but it ain’t. Alas, when it becomes muft ki seva for those who want to exploit you, it becomes super-irritating.

So, the next time you start bugging a friend to do something for you where you are in no mood to pay him/her for the job, just think what if they plan to change their profession to Boxing. Won’t be good for you, eh?

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