When Robert Downey Jr Made $1 Million A Minute For A 15-Min Role In Spider-Man Homecoming

There is an undying curiosity among people to learn how much their favourite stars make in terms of money. And Marvel movies fans are no exception. So if you ever wanted to know how much the Spider-Man or Iron-Man makes from a single movie, then you must continue reading.

It is said that Robert Downey Jr is one of the highest-paid Marvel heroes. And he is also the one who fights for his co-workers if they are paid less. It was when he was earning $50 million for Avengers: Age of Ultron, others were only getting $200,000, reportedly.

Another movie where he made huge bucks was Spider-Man homecoming. Yes, Spider-Man homecoming was about Spider-Man but Tony Stark also played an on-screen role of 15 minutes in the same.

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The shoot for the role lasted for three days and Downey Jr was paid a whopping $15 million, according to Hindustan Times, for the same. This means $1 million per minute.

Furthermore, Downey Jr’s base salary as per a report by The Hollywood Reporter has been $20 million for later marvel movies. He also takes home a cut from the profit that Avengers movies make. For Avengers: Infinity War, he took home a whopping $75 million.

His Avengers co-stars such as Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans made between $15 and 20 million for the Avengers films but didn’t have such a lucrative backend deal in place. 

Source – Daily Mail

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It is said that the actor as Iron Man has earned a total of $275 million throughout his journey at the MCU. However, his character had died in the Avengers: Endgame.

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