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Who Is Sandeep Singh Based On Whom Soorma Movie Is Directed

The hype of making bio-pics on successful sports players is never out of fashion. And with gems like- Sandeep Singh, the work of the bollywood industry seems to get easier and easier.

But who is Sandeep Singh?

Well, here’s what and how of this iconic hockey player– who not only excelled in sports but also in his real ‘LIFE’. Born in a Sikh-Jat family, Sandeep got introduced to hockey at a young age.

His love for hockey grew in leaps and bounds in the following years. Singh kicked off his international hockey debut in the year 2004 by playing in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. With his swift movements and fast drag, he won the hearts of people across countries.

And what did he do, that inspired someone to make a movie on his life story?

As they say- life isn’t as smooth as it appears.

sandeep singh injured

The incident that happened shattered Singh and his family into pieces. It was August 21 of 2006 when Singh was travelling to Delhi via Shatabdi Express to meet his team to leave for World cup happening in Germany. And during his journey, he got badly injured due to an accidental gunshot fired at him.

The said gunshot paralyzed him and he spent nearly two years fighting to get back on his feet.

Undoubtedly, a lot of hard work went into the healing and fitness for this ambitious player. After all, two years is definitely not a short span of time.


Well, did this break his willpower?

Absolutely not. After two years of rigorous fight with oneself and health, Singh bounced back strong as ever. Not only did he start walking again, but also secured his stronghold again in the Indian Hockey Team.

The road to success!

From here on, there was no looking back for him. The glory of Indian hockey was about to reach the sky and Singh became the flag bearer for the same. He went on to become the Captain of the Hockey team in 2009.

It won’t be wrong to say that getting back on his feet and playing hockey was his destiny.

The world cup!

After 13 long years, he did what was thought of as an impossible task in the hockey league. Under his captaincy, India beat Malaysia and won the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. A wave of awe and shock engulfed the country and all hailed this ‘drag-flicker’ who made the impossible possible!


The Golden period!

During his captaincy, he set a benchmark for all the aspiring hockey players. Nevertheless, no one has been able to break the record yet. It seems that the best speed in the world in drag flick which is ‘145 km/h – ‘is still loyal to our- Singh!

Moving on with his success story, Singh went on to become the fifth highest-paid marquee player at the inaugural Hockey India League auctions. Moreover, he was the highest goal scorer and won the ‘Man of the Tournament’ award.

He also qualified for the 2012 London Olympics and was the highest goal scorer in the qualifiers that year.

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But wait…there’s more!

His hard work was perfectly paid off when he received the Arjuna Award for his achievements in the field of hockey. Currently, he holds the post of DSP in Haryana Police and still has plans to help those who want to master the art of drag-flicking.

In spite of all his achievements and awards, he is still humble and down to earth person. He is still a part of Hockey Indian league and wants to play a farewell match. Winning the wars of his life and the field, he though continues with his strong commitment and serves people as a DSP and aspiring hockey players.

Fun Fact:

Soorma- The movie inspired by Sandeep Singh

Undoubtedly, this jewel of India deserved to spread his story throughout the globe. And, with Diljit Dosanjh totally nailing the role with his acting skills and portrayal of Sandeep Singh in the movie is totally class. Taapsee Pannu also did justice to her part in the movie.

The role of Tapsee Pannu

She is playing the love interest of Sandeep Singh whom he had dated before marrying Harjinder Kaur. Though, the real name of his girlfriend is not revealed in the movie. But as per the sources, she had left Sandeep when he got paralyzed. Since, she is married now to some other guy, directors chose to mask her identity with an alias name.

Taapsee went to several weeks of sports training for the film. Recently she had even shared a video which showed the hard work Taapsee has gone through to learn the nuances and techniques of the game. On the other hand, Diljit had to build up his confidence.

Diljit wasn’t sure whether he will be able to pull off this character well or not. But going by the reviews of the movie, it seems like he did a pretty neat job.

soorma movie

Though the movie hasn’t been able to do big business in the opening if compared to any Khan movies. But the reviews that are coming is soon going to topple the trend in this week.

Do let us know in comments when are you planning to watch the movie!
Check out this trailer if you haven’t already before you take a leave 🙂

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