WHO Map Shows J&K As Pakistan; And AP As China

Trinamool Congress MP Dr Santanu Sen noticed that WHO Map shows J&K as part of Pakistan and Arunachal Pradesh as part of China. He wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that World Health Organization is showing wrong map of India.

He said, “When I clicked the site WHO, a world map was displayed, and when I zoomed into the portion of India, it showed a blue map with surprisingly two different colours for Jammu and Kashmir.”

Sen said when he clicked over the blue portion, the WHO map was showing him India’s data, but the other portion was showing Pakistan’s Covid-19 data.

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Sen considers this as a serious issue that should have been noticed much earlier than this. He also said that every citizen in the country should be kept informed of such disaster by an organization like WHO.

This is not new and has happened before. Last year Twitter misrepresented Map of India. It showed J&K as a separate country and displayed a large part of Ladakh as China.

After severe backlash, Twitter removed the incorrect map, which had previously appeared on the career section of the Twitter website under the header ‘Tweep Life.’

WHO is yet to make an official comment on the issue.

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