WHO Provides Five Measures To Prevent Monkeypox Transmission

The World Health Organisation or WHO after being concerned has underlined a serious monkeypox outbreak news. The organization is worried about the transmissibility of the virus as “780 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox” have been reported from 27 Countries. WHO wants people to follow certain preventive measures to stop or slow down the fluid spread of this virus.

WHO Provides Five Measures To Stop The Spread Of Monkeypox Virus

While interacting, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO official, shared concern and said we need to spread more awareness about what monkeypox is, when a person is infected and when he or she isn’t. She further expressed that we need to raise and tighten the surveillance system.

WHO Adopts Five Measures To Stop Monkeypox Virus Spread:

  • Increase awareness and testing frequency.
  • More efforts to halt human to human transmission.
  • Raised measures to protect frontline workers.
  • Strict implementations of countermeasures.
  • Rev the research efforts.

She further said, we are focused on preventing human to human transmission, and can execute efforts in endemic countries. The current situation is very critical up to an extent where we can utilize public health tools which include: isolating active cases, providing support to the isolated ones, communicating with communities to understand their native issues, etc to be the solutions to prevent the transmission.

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How Monkeypox Is Transmitted?

On WHO’s official website a line says, cases are mostly found in the regions “close to tropical rainforests where there are animals that carry the virus”. Proof of virus infection has been found in the animals including: “squirrels, Gambian pouched rats, dormice, different species of monkeys and others.”

WHO Provides Five Measures To Prevent Monkeypox

Cases In India

On Saturday Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh recorded the first suspected case of monkeypox. As per media reports, according to the Government sources the sample is under testing, but there is overpowering fright among officials. So far, there are no confirmed cases of monkeypox in India.

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